The deployment of evData Pro is straight forward.  There are no massive teams descending on your offices.  Everything can be handled via online meetings, VPN access and phones.   Our simple phased approach to installing the tool is outlined below.

During the Discovery Phase we meet with your finance team to review your contract structure and financial data. For example: the number of contracts, the number of users, elements of costs, fiscal calendar… etc. 

The initial contract is set up and configured on ProboData’s servers.  Financial data is imported at this point.  We then review the multitude of ways to display and configure the contract and set up user groups and permissions. This process is performed via on-line meetings.


This phase involves verifying the configuration, the reports and financial data. We compare previous financial deliverables to what’s displayed in evData Pro.  


The contract is set-up as described during Phase 1-3 and installed at the customer’s site.   We ensure backup/restoring functionality is running smoothly.