Now the user can make manual adjustments, get enhanced reporting and track the likelihood of cost variances. As Patrick Dill states; “these new features will increase the productivity of CAMs and improve the performance of the entire contract”.

Manual adjustment allows the user to edit the data, allowing the user to identify the adjustment and whether they are impacting hours or dollars or both.  You can also learn information like; who made the changes, what they changed and when.

Enhanced Rate Analysis Reporting

Rate analysis allows the user to identify labor volume and labor variance.  Analysis can now be performed at the contractor level, not just at the total cost.

EAC Justification Reporting

This new reporting feature tracks the likelihood that an account will be within cost.  It also allows managers to explain reasons why it would not stay on cost.

About ProboData Group.

Based in Sunnyvale, CA. ProboData Group is the developer of evData Pro, a web based earned value management tool automating the workflow process for large government contracts.