Q: How many users can evData Pro Support?
A: evData Pro can support thousands of users. There is practically no limit.

Q: Will evData Pro work with our existing EVMS?
A: evData Pro was first designed to work with MPM in the late 90's and later with Artemis CostView and Cobra. It imports Excel/CSV files, e.g. Microsoft Project, RTP, SAP.

Q: What kind of support/training can I expect?
A: evData Pro currently receives very few tech support calls and has been installed on multi-billion dollar contracts without a single training class. However, if customers request special user training, our product team is ready and able to provide customized classes.

Q:  Does evData Pro support the 32 guidelines stated in the EIA-748 standards for EVMS?

A:  Yes, and it exceeds them.