Baseline Change Request (BCR)

Budget Planning is easy with evData Pro and begins with the BCR.  The report below is an example of a BCR in evData Pro enabling users to edit bduget changes, descriptions details, and the accounts tied to the budget changes. These changes can then be assigned to a budget planning and tracking process (BTC or Budget planning) that will instantly price and cost these changes. Once priced, a final WAD can be generated that identifies the changes made and the total budget.

BCR Overview

BCR Overview is a feature that shows all the budget changes from an overall view. This feature allows users to see all budget changes by account type, contract, CLIN, and month-end.  You can also email the managers and BCR Assignees.


Budget Planning

Budget Planning (budget to complete) is a planning feature that allows users to modify their budgets in a "sandbox" area without impacting any existing budgets. These changes to the BTCs can be priced instantly to determine the total budget at completion (BAC).  Users have the flexibility to plan in multiple views with different account types.

  • Plan by control account, OBS, WBS, or other commonly used breakdown structures.
  • Plan in hours or heads
  • Plan by change ID