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Frequently Asked Questions

Read below for some of the most common questions about evData Pro. If you don't see an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

How many users can evData Pro Support?

evData Pro can support thousands of users. There is practically no limit.

Will evData Pro work with our existing EVMS?

evData Pro was first designed to work with MPM in the late 90's and later with Artemis CostView and Cobra. It imports Excel/CSV files, e.g. Microsoft Project, RTP, SAP.

What kind of support/training can I expect?

evData Pro currently receives very few tech support calls and has been installed on multi-billion- dollar contracts without a single training class. However, if customers request special user training, our product team is ready and able to provide customized classes.

Does evData Pro support the 32 guidelines stated in the EIA-748 standards for EVMS?

Yes, and it exceeds them.

Can I see a demo using my contract data?

Yes! Give us a time-phased export from Cobra and we can demo the flexible features of evData Pro.

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