evData Pro is a robust EVM tool that automates the CAMs' workflow processes, delivering instant access to a plethora of interactive reports.  The workflows in evData Pro mirror CAMs' monthly EVM reporting requirements. evData Pro was developed as an add-on to your EVM engine(s) and provides a single source of financial data with a comprehensive reporting structure.

Gain Easy Access to CAM Workflow Processes

  • VAR Process
  • WAD Process
  • BCR Process
  • EAC Justification Process
  • Budget/Estimate Planning

Financial analysts do more analysis and less manual data manipulation across multiple sources—all equating to better contract management and performance.

Features you can access include:

▪  Variance Analysis Management Reporting

▪   Estimate and Budget Planning

▪   EAC Justification

evData Pro imports csv files from non web-based tools like Deltek MPM, Deltek Cobra, Artemis CostView, Access and Excel and includes extensive security and access control/configuration functionality.  Meeting or exceeding government compliance requirements for Earned Value Management Systems, (EVMS), evData Pro delivers assurance.

Report on financials by: contract, contractor, employee, CLIN, account #, OBS, WBS, CAM/manager name, week, month, year, hours, dollars and man-months.  There are approximately 100 standard reports included.

It's always more compelling to see a live demo in an interactive setting, where you can ask questions and see specific features. Click here to schedule a live demo.