Variance Analysis Reporting in evData Pro allows CAMs and finance managers to document explanations about cost and schedule variances for current, cumulative and at completion periods.  Managers gain control over editing, adding and tracking comments.  A VAR checklist ensure comments are written in compliance with the EIA-748 Standards.

Included in the VAR workflow are three interactive comments sections. Users are required to input critical data addressing the violations:

  • Reason for Variance
  • Impact to Program and
  • Action Required



Automating the Action Required gives CAMS and finance managers visibility in to the history of every action taken via corrective action logs. evData Pro gives the users the flexibility to turn the tracking on or off.  If the VAR account requires an EAC Justification, users can easily navigate to that workflow.



A visual overview of the approval and sign off process (not shown), enables finance managers to get a high-level perspective of the completion of the monthly VAR process.  A plethora of Variance Analysis Reports are available in the tool that includes a detailed history of the variances, comments, and CAM/IPT assignments.