About ProboData Group

Probo Data Group, Inc. created the first of its kind interactive tool for CAMs.

ProboData Group was founded by Patrick Dill, a distinguished T3 award winner and a notable speaker at EVM industry conferences, our company is at the forefront of innovation.

Patrick Dill brings over 30 years of invaluable experience in finance to ProboData Group, Inc. His vision and expertise have been instrumental in shaping our commitment to excellence. Our team is dedicated to providing the tools and insights that organizations need to excel in project management and financial analysis.

Addressing a void in
Earned Value Management Tools:

Introducing evData Pro

Capitalizing on a gap in the EVM software tools landscape, Mr. Dill and ProboData Group’s team of developers, began a collaborative partnership with CAMs, finance, and business managers to create a software tool that meets the unique needs of these professionals. The result of this concerted effort is evData Pro – an EVM tool finely tuned for CAMs and financial analysts.

Our focus remains unwavering on user-friendly functionality. By actively involving end-users in the development process, we ensured that evData Pro was not just a tool but a tailored solution. This collaboration has produced a powerful yet easy-to-use EVM tool, designed to simplify the complexities of Earned Value Management for CAMs and financial analysts alike.

EvData Pro is not just a product; it's a testament to our commitment to filling the void in EVM software, ensuring that professionals can navigate their responsibilities with precision and ease.

Committed to excellence, ProboData Group ensures that evData Pro is not only flexible and robust but also accompanied by unparalleled customer service.

ProboData Group - Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Because we always do what’s right for the customer.  We understand our customers.  We value our relationships.

  • Thirty years of experience working with large government contracts
  • Proven results with existing clients like Lockheed Martin
  • Long term relationships
  • Nimble, tech-savvy Silicon Valley-based company
  • Relentless commitment to excellence
  • Our integrity

Consulting Services


evData Pro Implementation Options

Our engineers and account managers partner with you in support of your goals to automate your data collection process. We design and build system enhancements to increase your operational performance.

We deliver robust quality solutions in areas including:

  • Business Intelligence
  • MS-SQL Server Enterprise
  • MS-SQL Server development for reporting/OLAP systems
  • Custom reporting
  • Requirements definition
  • Coding
  • Contract setup and configuration
  • DBA consulting services
  • Web site development
  • Web site testing
  • GUI design
  • Training
Consultation Services - evData Pro Implementation

Engagement Process

The deployment of evData Pro is straight forward. There are no massive teams descending on your offices.  Everything can be handled via online meetings, VPN access and phones.   Our engagement approach to installation is outlined below.

See evData Pro in Action

Seeing is believing. In a live demo, we can highlight specific features using your own data
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