ProboData Group, Inc, is an Earned Value Management software company. The company is based in Silicon Valley, the heart of technological innovation.

Mr. Dill, the president of ProboData Group is a T3 award winner and frequent speaker at earned value management industry conferences.  After spending several years in finance, Mr. Dill  recognized an unanswered need in the world of EVM software tools   Mr. Dill  and his team of developers partnered with CAMs and finance managers to identify key functionality for an easy-to-use EVM solution. His efforts to create an easy EVM software tool galvanized the creation of evData Pro, an earned value management tool specifically for CAMs and financial analysts.

In addition to making evData Pro flexible and robust, ProboData Group strives to deliver incomparable customer service that includes a simple implementation process. Leveraging the expertise of Microsoft SQL Server developers, (including a published author on the subject), the company is able to provide a secure, stable platform delivering the best in analysis, reporting, integration, and notification.


Patrick Dill

Founder of ProboData Group, Mr. Dill has worked in the government sector for over 30 years.  With a background in software engineering and earned value management, Patrick automated workflow processes for multi-billion dollar government contracts.  He is a frequent speaker at EVM World and the IPM Conference in Washington, DC. Patrick holds a B.S. in Information Systems technology from University of San Francisco. 

Danielle Karmel
Marketing & Operations

Danielle manages the operational aspects of the company. She is responsible for corporate marketing, website management, and proposal development. Prior to joining ProboData Group she worked as a marketing and communications project manager for large companies like IBM and Cisco Systems. She also managed client accounts for interactive marketing agencies. Danielle holds a B.S. in Business Administration and a Masters in Education.


Why Choose Us ?

 Because we always do what’s right.  We understand our customers.  We value our relationships.

  • Twenty-five years of experience working with large government contracts
  • Proven results with existing clients like Lockheed Martin
  • Long term relationships
  • Nimble, tech-savvy Silicon Valley-based company
  • Relentless commitment to excellence
  • Our integrity