Over 100 Reports with evData Pro


Over 100 Reports with evData Pro

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Reporting with evData Pro
Automate the EVM Workflow Process

Earned Value Management
the Easy Way

Automate the EVM Workflow Process

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Workflows in evData Pro
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    evData Pro is an Earned Value Management (EVM) workflow automation tool delivering interactive reports for Control Account Managers (CAMs) and the Project Controls team.

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    EVM the
    Easy Way

    evData Pro Overview

    Earned Value Management systems are essential to integrate the work scope of a program with the schedule and cost elements for ideal program planning and control. Starting with a properly defined baseline, project managers who implement evData Pro can effectively track, manage, and analyze performance data of large commercial projects and federal agency programs.

    Manage government programs that conform to FAR Regulations, such as DoE, DoD, GSA and NASA contracts using the flexible reporting structure of evData Pro. Large commercial contracts required to follow EVM techniques will also benefit from the implementation of evData Pro.

    evData Pro - EVM the Easy Way

    An EVM reporting tool for CAMs

    Designed as a scalable, web-based enterprise-wide earned value reporting tool, evData Pro increases visibility into the details of program costs, budgeting, forecasting, scheduling and estimating.

    evData Pro - Designed for CAMs

    Designed for CAMs

    Developed in collaboration with CAMs, finance managers and business managers, evData Pro combines EVM best practices with simplicity to automate the Cost Account Manager’s (CAM’s) workflow. Set metric violations, track added accounts and resources, access the sandbox for estimates and budgets to completion.

    Importing select data feeds from an EVMS, evData Pro provides project teams with a single source of financial data with an extensive reporting structure. The web-based platform makes collaboration and approvals easier in evData Pro.

    A customizable dashboard gives managers a quick snapshot of estimate at completion, (EAC) changes, budget change requests, (BCRs), WAD approvals, outstanding metric violations, and open VARs.

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    evData Pro Overview

    evData Pro is a robust EVM tool that automates the CAMs’ workflow processes, delivering instant access to a plethora of interactive reports.
    Probo Data, evData Pro, Earned Value Management workflow automation tools

    evData Pro was developed as an add-on to your EVM engine(s) and provides a single source of financial data with a comprehensive reporting structure. The workflows in evData Pro mirror CAMs’ monthly EVM reporting requirements.

    Gain Easy Access to CAM Workflow Processes


    • VAR Process
    • WAD Process
    • BCR Process
    • EAC Justification Process

    Automate the repetitive monthly tasks, do more analysis, and eliminate the cumbersome spreadsheets and manual data manipulation across multiple sources.

    evData Pro - Easy Access to CAM Workflow Processes

    Easy Integration & Configuration

    evData Pro seamlessly integrates with non-web-based systems like Deltek Cobra, P6, and Artemis CostView. Other integrations can be explored.

    Impacts Your Bottom Line

    Whether it's boosting productivity, realizing cost savings, or significantly reducing the time required to manage programs, the impact will be substantial.

    See evData Pro in Action

    See evData Pro in Action

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