New features come to the News Dashboard

Sunnyvale, CA.  ProboData Group, Inc. recently added workflow status to their News Dashboard.  The News Dashboard shows the status of all contracts when you log in.  When drilling down on the graph, the system takes you to all the specific contract details customized to the specific user that logged in.

New workflow status



2017 Lockheed Martin Space Systems Supply Chain Conference,  September 13-14

Tomorrow Is Closer Than You Think

 Patrick Dill, president and senior product manager met with key customers and other suppliers at a conference at Lockheed Martin's Littleton, Colorado location. Aside from exhibiting evData Pro's latest product updates,  Patrick enjoyed a day  listening to corporate executives sharing the latest information (that they could) on Engineering, Mission Solutions, Civil/Commercial Space, Missile Defense and a Cyber Security briefing.  It was an informative, rewarding day to be a partner and long time partner of theirs.


Automating EVM workflow for CAMs

May 31st @ 2:30  Hyatt Regency, New Orleans, LA;   Tools Track, Strand 7

- Ever wonder if there is a better way to manage the cumbersome EVM workflow process?
- How about an add-on to Cobra that automates VARs, WADs, BCRs, Corrective Action Items, EAC Justifications, headcount reporting, estimate planning, and budget planning?

This track will present real-world challenges faced by CAMs on large contracts and how they resolved their financial data management issues using evData Pro. We will provide a live demo of evData Pro, a CAM tool that consolidates multiple solutions into one. Topics include:

- CAM workflow for VARs, BCRs, WADs, estimate & budget planning, & EAC Justification
- Rate analysis, headcount reporting, and material performance
- Case studies that show the productivity savings
- A setup of a new sample contract; from Cobra to evData Pro in about 15 minutes

Expected Key Takeaways for Participants:
- Learn how evData Pro handles the EVM Workflow process under large Cobra implementations
- Learn how EVM automation saves time and money


Helping CAM's manage their EVM workflows using evDataPro

October 31, 2016 @ 2:30 - Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, Bethesda, MD

Patrick Dill from ProboData Group,  joins other experts in Earned Value and performance management at this year's IPM Conference 2016.

Patrick Dill will present evData Pro, the company's flagship EVM tool  at 2:30 pm in the Linden Oak room on Monday, October 31, 2016.  Come learn how automating the EVM workflow using evData Pro saves your organization time and money.  The robust interactive features including the VAR Process, the EAC justification Process, and Budget Change planning and Estimating enables CAMs to deliver best of breed reporting.  A brief demo will be given to demonstrate the benefits of implementing the web-based software tool that automates CAMs' workflows.

Topics include:

  • CAM workflow demo for VARs, BCRs, WADs, ETC & budget planning, & EAC Justification
  • Rate analysis, headcount reporting, and material performance
  • Case studies demonstrating the cost and productivity savings

Pleases stop by booth # 28 to discuss your own requirements and to set up a private demo.



Would you like to simplify the cumbersome EVM workflow process AND make the CAMs' job easier?

 Thursday, Jun 2, 2016, @ 3:45 -  Naples Beach Resort, Naples, Fl

Join us in this tools track as the product manager of evData Pro presents evData Pro and real-world challenges faced by CAMs on large government contracts. Learn how they resolved their financial data management issues using evData Pro, a web-based reporting tool that automates the EVM workflow process.  We will provide a live demonstration of evData Pro, a reporting  tool that consolidates many software solutions into one single source of data.  Topics include:

  • CAM workflow demo for VARs, BCRs, WADs, ETC & budget planning, & EAC Justification
  • Rate analysis, headcount reporting, and material performance
  • Case studies that show the cost and productivity savings


About the speaker:

Patrick Dill has been collaborating with financial analysts and CAMs on large government contracts in the Silicon Valley for over 20 years.   Patrick understands the day to day challenges PMs, CAMs, and financial analysts face.  Patrick’s extensive experience includes engineering and project management for the defense and aerospace industry.  He is a frequent speaker at EVM World, NDIA, and IPM Conferences.


President of ProboData Group presents evData Pro, an easy-to-use EVM tool

Tools Track at 3:45 on May 27th, 2015

Hyatt Regency New Orleans,  A featured speaker at EVM World's conferences, Mr. Patrick Dill will discuss evData Pro, a web-based earned value reporting tool.  He will take you through a revealing case study of his customer's implementation of  evDataPro, the de facto solution for CAM's reporting requirements.  evData Pro continues to remove the barriers to data management of multi-billion dollar government contracts. See the premier  launch of evDataPro's latest feature; ETC and BTC Planning, making it easier to generate CAMs' estimates which then easily exports into Cobra.

Highlights of his talk include:

  • How to automate the entire variance analysis workflow process, including VAR reports and VAR comments
  • How to track contract performance and analyze financials
  • Introduce evData Pro's newest feature; ETC and BTC Planning
  • Answer questions about intelligent reporting like: "What accounts violate contract thresholds?"  "What accounts violate EVM business rules?"
  • evData Pro saves millions of dollars-customers' data prove it.


ProboData Group is an earned value management software company headquartered in Silicon Valley.


President of ProboData Group uses Case Study at IPM Conference, Bethesda MD: November 2014

Patrick Dill, president of ProboData Group presented at IPM's annual conference;  The theme was Building Reliability and Accountability for 2014.  

Patrick, a featured speaker  at IPM's  Tools Track,  gave an eye-opening presentation about evDataPro, their web-based earned value reporting tool for CAMs.   The track called: How a $10 Billion Contract Automated Their EVM Process, takes you through their customer's challenges, the positive impact evData Pro made to the performance of their contract and documents the results and key findings of the implementation.


President of ProboData Group attends Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. Supply Chain Conference in Sunnyvale, CA

Patrick Dill @ booth

Patrick Dill at the evening reception of LMSSC Supply Chain Conference September 2014.

At this year's 2nd annual conference, focus was on the current and future state of Lockheed Martin's business, the industry, and their programs, and to identify ways to partner with companies like ProboData Group to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.   


ProboData Group announces new features for its keystone product, evData Pro.

Now the user can make manual adjustments, get enhanced reporting and track the likelihood of cost variances. As Patrick Dill states; “these new features will increase the productivity of CAMs and improve the performance of the entire contract”.

Manual adjustment allows the user to edit the data, allowing the user to identify the adjustment and whether they are impacting hours or dollars or both.  You can also learn information like; who made the changes, what they changed and when.

Enhanced Rate Analysis Reporting

Rate analysis allows the user to identify labor volume and labor variance.  Analysis can now be performed at the contractor level, not just at the total cost.

EAC Justification Reporting

This new reporting feature tracks the likelihood that an account will be within cost.  It also allows managers to explain reasons why it would not stay on cost.

About ProboData Group.

Based in Sunnyvale, CA. ProboData Group is the developer of evData Pro, a web based earned value management tool automating the workflow process for large government contracts.