In evData Pro, EAC Justification shows all the accounts that have a requirement to explain their EAC changes. Depending on which threshold was violated, more sign-offs may be needed.

EAC Justification Overview

Users can gain visibility into the status of the workflow approval process via the overview.


EAC Justification  Detail

Accounts that require an EAC Justification violate the following thresholds:

  • Realism Test 1: If TCPI-CPI > 10% then violation
    (Cost Performance Index average minus the To Completion Performance Index)
  • Realism Test 2: If CVcum% < 0 AND VAC% < CVcum% then violation (Cumulative Cost Variance to Variance at Completion)
  • Realism Test 3: If EAC-IEAC (Actuals + ((BAC-BCWP)/(0.80*CPI)+(0.20*SPI))) > 10% then violation